You made my first ever home renovation & sale enjoyable & easy!

After some careful research, I determined that utilizing Schulhof Realty for my selling agent was a no brainier. It was clear his team’s track record of successful property sales (properties of all types and sizes mind you) would provide the experience to successfully find the right buyers for my property.

A little about myself: I travel a lot, 75% and I know nothing about how to make a house look cool. In other words my house was a bachelor pad without any decorations or any feeling or theme.

This is where Chris and his team knew exactly what to do: from renovations to marketing of the home to stepping me through the whole process. Renovations included paint, refinishing the cabinets, granite countertops, new tile flooring, and several other minor projects – all within my budget. I didn’t recognize the inside of my home afterwards!

Up front during the initial walk through he laid out plans for those renovations nearly to the dollar of projected cost. The renovations were completed by his contractors efficiently. Chris, backed with several years of experience in my market, then helped to set not only an attainable, but also acceptable selling price.

During the on-the-market time, his staff was transparent, courteous, and always looked in my best interest. Other items included weekly updates to my inbox from the analytics side (i.e. Number of views, picture clicks, etc). The team followed up on every possible prospect lead based on the showing feedback.

Would I recommend or refer you to Schulhof Realty to sell your property: you bet, and without any doubt whatsoever. They truly made my first ever home renovation and selling experience enjoyable and easy.